Make your class easier and more beneficial by:

  1. Always breathe normally, in and out through the nose during every posture. This type of breathing can take lots of practice, just keep trying and you will improve and benefit. Breathing in and out through the nose keeps your mind and central nervous system calm; breathing heavily through the mouth or holding your breath during the postures can make you tense and dizzy.
  2. Come to class well hydrated. Drink 36 to 64 ounces of water prior to class. As you stretch, your muscles need sufficient hydration. To avoid dizzy, weird feelings, please drink fresh water throughout the day. Then balance the extra water with electrolytes (ex. coconut water) after class.
  3. Try to stay in the room the entire first class. Please feel free to rest on your yoga mat if you feel dizzy or nauseated until you’re ready to resume. Honor, listen to, and take care of your body. It’s OK to do only one set of a posture, or skip a posture entirely. If you absolutely must leave the room, make sure the teacher knows you have left, and come back in as quickly as possible.
Indian River Bikram Yoga Vero Beach, Florida